Workdays from 09:30h to15.00h

SOS Helpline on minority languages engages educated consultants to work with women who have experienced the trauma of male violence and have years of experience in this field.

Supporting women through consultation it aims to empower women to get out of violent situations. SOS Helpline provides services on languages of national minorities ( Hungarian, Romani , Romanian) and Serbian. Conversations on the SOS Helpline can be anonymous. Consultants are guided with the following principles and those are:

  • All told experiences on the SOS Helpline and in individual conversations remain confidential
  • We believe that the testimony of women who have experienced violence are truth
  • A woman is never to blamed for the violence that has survived
  • The abuser is responsible for the violence
  • The abuser is guilty and ashamed

Female consultants support women to:

  • To make Emergency Plan if they are in dangerous situations
  • To know which institutions can offer them what kind of support
  • To exit the victim logic and silence and be proactive in the process of getting out of violence
  • To set limits towards violence
  • To develop their traumatic experiences and strengthen their positive qualities
  • To trust yourself and to like myself again
  • To consider the possible choices and choose how they want to live